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Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse

Energy Coping Mechanisms

Everyone on this planet is unique, not just in respect of their physical bodies and DNA, but in terms of culture, childhood, life experiences and external influences to name just a few. It therefore follows that we all respond to imbalances in our energy in different ways and rather than having one coping mechanism and emotion-focused strategy that fits all, there are a number of ways to re-charge and find balance that suits your particular life style / culture.

With the Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse nearly upon us, you may be experiencing changes in your energy that you previously haven’t given thought to, or you could find that people around you are acting out of character – unusually super-charged and having to clean out the garage / cupboards right now!

It’s possible that you may be feeling really calm and balanced, but find yourself in the eye of a tornado of other people’s dramas, effectively sticking pins in your “bubble” that has the same effect on your energy as sticking a pin in a balloon. A plaster can be applied to cover the hole, but it still leaves you feeling deflated.

Protection Bubble
A coping mechanism for you to use whenever needed, is to visualise protecting your energy.

Being aware that you have a “sensitivity” to changes in your energy and also of those around you is an important step to make. Do you feel overwhelmed in public places and burn out easily? It could be that you are exhausted from absorbing other people’s energies. A coping mechanism for you to use whenever needed, is to visualise protecting your energy: surrounding yourself in a bubble; as you put on your coat; zipping up your jacket; just visualise keeping your precious energy secure. If you are aware of chakras – the seven energy points / wheels, in the body, simply visualise closing them down, like lotus flowers closing their petals.

Being “sensitive” to energies also has advantages, as with such a powerful full moon, you can use the strength of its energy to your advantage and set intentions for the year to come. Dr Wayne Dyer, an internationally renowned author and speaker in the fields of self-development and spiritual growth, is quoted as saying “Our intention creates our reality.” Intention can change our mind-set and focus our thoughts, so give some thought to what goals you would like to achieve and set your plan of action.

Science has proven that “everything is energy”, so call on this energy and plug yourself into the “natural” grid. You can do this exercise anywhere and at any time. You can tune into the moon’s energy, or simply the energy that is all around you, visualising a stream of light beaming into your body through the top of your head. Visualise it flowing through your bloodstream, energising every cell and invigorating your entire body. Once you feel sufficiently charged, use whatever method resonates with you the most to protect your energy and keep it “zipped up”.

To finish on a fun note, when in a crowd and people keep bumping into you, visualise your energy as a large (impervious!) ball of positive light around your body and see if people start walking around you or moving away from you instead!

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