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The Rising of Earth Energy

With the combined energies of Gaia, the Mother Earth Goddess, welcoming in the Spring Equinox at 21:58 hrs on Wednesday, 20 March 2019 and the Moon Goddess Selena, (her Roman equivalent Luna) reaching the height of her energy at 01:42 hrs on 21 March 2019 (UK London), this is a very powerful time.

Like the sap rising in the trees and the worms steadily working their way through the soil to the surface, the earth energy is rising. You may feel your feet tingling with the earthy grounding energy of Gaia and your head is buzzing with the magical enchantment of the moon’s rays. It’s a time of awakening after the long winter nights and to Spring-clean the cobwebs from your mind.

There are a number of ways to channel this energy to ease the stress of our daily dramas and relax both body and mind. In sleep mode, the body takes the opportunity to “self-heal” and is wondrous in its ability to heal a wound and fight disease.

Whenever you have fallen over, do you recall putting your hands on the injured part of your body and holding it for a short while? Do you know why you do this? Our hands are blessed with the sensitivity of “touch” – they quickly tell us if something is hot or cold, soft or harsh, alerting us to the danger of burns, or frostbite. The palms of our hands are also powerful centres of energy – hold the palms of your hands facing each other, as if you are holding a small ball. Move them apart and then back again to the ball, until you can feel a denseness of energy between them. When you feel this, expand the distance between your hands, like stretching an elastic band back and forth. Can you feel the palms of your hands tingling with the energy?

Returning to the earth energy rising in your feet and the light of the moon’s rays buzzing in your head, imagine these two energies flowing through your body. Either laying down, or sitting in a chair, place your hands either side of your head and imagine this mix of earthy, magical, enchanted energy flowing through the palms of your hands, into your body for your highest good. You may have the intention of directing the energy for a particular illness or troublesome pain, but the energy will travel to where it feels you need it the most – to the cause, rather than the outcome.

Use this “hands on” technique to “self-heal” before you go to sleep. Once you are lying in bed, start with placing the palms of your hands on your head for a few minutes, or however long feels right, or comfortable and imagine the flow of energy as described above. Work your way down your body, covering your eyes, your neck, across your chest and abdomen – wherever you feel you need a boost of energy for however long feels comfortable. You will more than likely be asleep before you’ve got very far!

What is happening as you sleep, is that the flow of energy continues to relax your body, allowing the natural process of “self-healing” to take place. It gently breaks down blockages created by drama or emotional events, restoring balance to the energy wheels of the chakras and the link between mind, body and soul.

Each time you practice, record how you feel in the morning in your journal. If you make this exercise part of your daily routine, it will go a long way to help with promoting a healthy life-style and a general feeling of wellbeing.

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