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The vegetable patch - my journey into magic

Feeding the chickens

When I was younger my sister and I used to have our own vegetable patches in my parent’s garden. It was a small space but enough for me to grow a lettuce or two and a few carrots. I learnt a lot from that little patch of land; pulling carrots out too early and feeling the disappointment when I saw they were no bigger than my thumbnail taught me patience. Discovering tiny bite marks on a leaf and watching caterpillars nibbling my crops reminded me that Mother Earth provides for all living creatures, big or small.

I would feel a huge sense of achievement when I proudly offered my tiny carrots to my mother so she could cook them for dinner. Not only had I provided nourishment for us all, albeit a small mouthful each, I'd taken a tiny seed and transformed it into food. Looking back, this was my first experience of how it felt to perform magic. I had set my intention, nurtured the energy of those seeds and patiently waited for the result to come into fruition.

Although I’ve always felt connected to the earth, I didn’t truly understand why until I reached my 30’s. My mother always told me I was an old soul, but I hadn’t fully appreciated what she saw in me until I began to see it myself. I thought my natural instincts, trustworthy intuition and extremely heightened level of empathy could be put down to either coincidence or past experiences.

The turning point in my life originated from one question. Those five words, that powerful question, directed me on a new path towards my truth. During a moment of utter despair, I asked the universe “Is this all there is?”

I didn’t have a big ‘aha’ moment, or a flashback of memories whirling around me like you see in the movies; I can’t remember the exact date or time it happened or be able to tell you where I was when it finally dawned on me. I just sort of… got it. No one answered that question, I didn’t hear voices in my head or start seeing fairies and angels. I woke up the next day and carried on as usual, but something in the back of my mind had been triggered. I knew the answer. I knew there was more to life than… this. When I realised that there was more to me than just ‘me’, everything fell into place.

I began to read and research everything I could get my hands on; I scoured the books in my local library and signed up to every newsletter and blog I could find. If anyone is looking for recommendations, I found Scott Cunningham’s books on Wicca and Herbalism extremely insightful and easy to read.

Since then I see everything differently.

I see the connection between all things, I see that our bodies are made from energy, as are plants, trees, herbs, flowers, rocks, mountains, animals, insects, birds, the ocean and the land, the wind and rain, the sun, the moon… they all have energy.

Combining the energy of the earth with that of the sun and moon (and adding a little of my own) is how those little carrots in my vegetable patch grew. Growing vegetables may not seem very exciting at all to some, but magic is not just about wands, cauldrons and potions; magic can quite often be found in the mundane.

There are various ways in which magic can be worked and many tools which can be used to help gently nudge the energy of the universe. My strongest connection is with the earth, most commonly known as being a Green Witch, but I also find myself drawn to the moon. Some people may perform kitchen magic, divination or follow the deities. There are many paths a witch can follow, and many different types of witches. Some follow the Wiccan or Pagan beliefs, others are eclectic and work in their own unique way. It’s important to remember that there is no right or wrong on a magical path.

For me, the word ‘witch’ is a term used to describe what I do and what I believe in. I am a witch, an artist, a mother, a daughter, a fiancé… These titles do not describe my personality or my mannerisms (so to assume all witches are the same would be ignorant), they are words to explain that I am more than ‘me’. That I believe this is not “All there is”.

There are infinite paths to get to your truth. This was mine.

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