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Using the Energy of a Turning Tide

On this New moon in Taurus (Saturday 4 May 2019), the moon's energy is similar to that of a turning tide – it has stopped waning, but hasn’t as yet started waxing, so a perfect time for treading water and looking inwards. With the last three Full Moons being quite powerful, you may have found the pace of life full-on, so a good opportunity to use the sensual traits of this earthy Taurus sign to be gentle on yourself and take some time out for “you”.

Have you heard this saying from the 18th Century: “Ne’er shed a clout till May is out? There are two trains of thought as to whether this refers to the month of May, or the May flower or Hawthorn, but either way it’s a warning not to take your vest off just yet as we can still get frosts and cold nights well into May! With the promise of warmer and sunnier days though, it’s a good time for planting seeds – not just in the greenhouse, but also in respect of your hopes and dreams. Use the coming waxing energy of the moon to plant those seeds in your mind and then watch as your hopes and dreams grow and flourish as you put them into action!

Those born under the sign of Taurus are good with finances, so use this energy to manifest abundance. Write down what you want to achieve – the How, What, Why and When. If you make them S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound), it’s easier for the manifesting “energy” to attract them to you. A couple of great books to have in your library in respect of the Law of Attraction is “The Secret”, by Rhonda Byrne, followed up with “The Power”.

You can also use the power of this earthy Taurus moon to give you more stability with a “grounding” meditation. When we feel anxious, worried or simply have difficult “stuff” going on in our lives, our energy can fracture and get out of balance. Have you noticed when you are stressed that your diet changes? I tend to drink wine and eat crisps when I am under stress! Meditation calms your energy, bringing you back to Mother Earth and in balance with your Mind, Body and Soul.

A good grounding meditation to connect to the calming energy of Mother Earth and to find balance, is to imagine roots, or a shining cord if you prefer, coming out of your feet and travelling down into the Earth. In your mind, observe them going deeper and deeper until they come to a natural crystal. Make a mental note of the colour as the shining cord or roots wrap themselves around the crystal and start to draw on its energy. Feel the power of the crystal as its energy travels back up to your feet and circulates around your body. Spend as long as you need and when you are ready to close, say thank you to the crystal and to Mother Earth. Allow your roots or shining cord to unwrap from the crystal and return to your feet, then disappear. As you bring your mind back into the room, wriggle your toes and hands to bring your body back too and have a drink of water. To retain the energy you have absorbed, visualise all your chakras (energy centres) closing. You can also simply run your hand from the top of your head, down the front of your body to your feet with the intention of sealing in your energy.

If you Google the colour of your crystal, there are websites that will explain the healing properties of the crystal that Mother Earth sent to you.

This visualisation can also be used at the start of a meditation to anchor you to Mother Earth whilst you travel to the higher realms. As you become more proficient with grounding yourself in this way, in times of stress, just a quick visualisation of roots wrapping themselves around a crystal and a couple of calm deep breaths should be sufficient to centre your energy and restore balance.

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